Millennium Communications Platform

Powerful, Reliable and Flexible


Communications technology powers the way we do business, so the choice of technology is key to gaining a competitive edge. The Millennium provides the technology for your business communications needs. The system is a highly reliable, feature-rich enterprise communications platform, gained from 20 years of continuous product development and more than 10,000

enterprise business customer implementations supporting

over a half million users worldwide.


MillenniumThe Millennium delivers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help employees work more efficiently, access information more easily, and serve customers better. The system’s flexibility and breadth of features ensure the needs of all businesses are met with supporting traditional circuit switched or packet switched Voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructure. With the Millennium, you have all of the business features you expect and the sophisticated call-handling capabilities you want integrated in a robust communications system.


IP Telephony

The Millennium system offers IP, digital, and analog technologies—enabling you to deploy traditional, IP telephony or a combination of both when and where it’s right for your organization. Whether you need to connect several phones in an office, hundreds of phones in a campus environment or clusters of remote workers, Millennium allows you to create a virtual enterprise, maximizing productivity while reducing networking and equipment costs.



The modular architecture of the Millennium allows it to be configured in a variety of ways - PBX, IP gateway, key system, hybrid, tandem switch, channel bank, protocol converter, or conduit for data applications. Digital capability, universal ports, highly adaptable programmability, and architectural flexibility are inherent in the system design. With the most complete telephony feature offering, no business has to make compromises on how to process critical customer calls


Unified Communications & Messaging

In today's competitive business environment, organizations require a complete solution for managing all forms of communications. The fully integrated unified communications solution that meets these needs today is the eNterprise IP Messenger. No other system in the marketplace can match its unique combination of flexibility, scalability, system integration, and overall value. All of eOn's messaging platforms offer extensive functionality and offer a highly efficient means of managing voice, fax and data communications.


System Management

The Millennium’s real-time monitoring and management tools operate network-wide, with reporting capabilities that help to maximize system reliability across the entire enterprise. Extensive management and cost control features ensure system administrators can account for costs, track phone usage patterns, and perform traffic

analysis. Additionally, Millennium’s database programming interface is intuitive and easy-

to-use making installations simple and economical to maintain.


Business Telephones

Bringing all the powerful features and services of the Millennium to each desktop helps employees communicate better and improves productivity company-wide. Choose from a wide selection of digital telephones to match the specific needs of each employee. If the enterprise is seeking to bring VoIP to the desktop, the IP500 and eNterprise IP telephones provide the robust feature sets of our traditional digital telephone portfolio with IP telephony administrative advantages, such as lower-cost adds, moves, and changes, that are inherent with IP phone administration.


Networking and Fiber Optics

Utilizing circuit-switched and packet-switched VoIP telephony, the Millennium’s networking capabilities and unmatched data connectivity facilitates communications across geographically dispersed locations. The system’s comprehensive networking solutions help businesses consolidate resources as well as ensure call answering and routing consistency throughout all locations. Additionally, the Millennium supports the placement of remote shelves via multimode fiber optics which increases the service area of a single system providing an ideal solution for municipalities, multi-story installations and campus environments.


ACD and Reporting

Advanced automatic call distribution is fully integrated with the Millennium providing the powerful call handling features required in call center environments. The Millennium coupled with its real-time reporting software allows managers to use both historical and real time data to reallocate agents and resources, forecast future requirements, and plot the long range calling patterns to determine if service level objectives are being met. A powerful solution that is cost effective for small to medium size businesses.



The Millennium offers a standards-based CTI solution that includes support for native CSTA interfaces and third-party TAPI, TSAPI and CSTA applications. It provides customers with a common open-platform for building sophisticated, cost-effective computer telephony solutions. Through integration with existing customer databases and third-party TAPI applications, the Millennium can provide visual call control and call monitoring to enable presentation of caller information based on Caller ID, ANI, or DNIS.


Worldwide Connectivity

With systems installed in over 35 countries, the Millennium provides you the assurance and peace of mind that your international connectivity needs of tomorrow will be met. The system’s inherent flexibility makes it easy to adapt to international protocol standards.




Key Benefits


Investment Protection

Millennium AdministrationThe Millennium can be IP-enabled at a pace that's right for business. This provides excellent long-term value as organizations evolve their telephony investments to emerging new technologies. The Millennium offers all of the rich features and benefits of traditional telephony solutions today, while taking advantage of the latest in converged network technology. As your business grows and changes, Millennium and its applications can grow right along with it.


Lower Cost of Ownership

The Millennium is easy to install and simple to maintain which means lower training and support costs. The ability to improve collaboration between multiple locations and remote workers delivers significant cost reductions in travel expenses and facilitates faster, informed decision-making. Lower operational costs equates to a faster return on investment.

Improved Communications

The powerful combination of the Millennium’s switching, telephony features and tight integration with its voice applications provide benefits not available with other solutions. As a result, the Millennium can deliver productivity tools that improve communications with your customers and employees.



With the ability to grow from as few as 16 users to over 1,000 universal ports in a building block configuration, the Millennium provides the scope your business needs to grow and change, enabling you to take advantage of future developments and purchase more capacity as you grow without sacrificing your original investment.



To businesses of all sizes, voice communication is critical. The Millennium system components have shown MTBF statistics averaging 10 years. The system’s robust processing power supports your business growth by handling traffic volumes up to 40,000 Busy-Hour-Call-Completions (BHCC) per hour. Additionally, the system has been rugedized for special applications such as shipboard environments.

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